The Big Picture

School Attendance

An education is crucial to any child’s life.  Therefore school attendance is front and centre at JMF. John Moriarty Football takes into account school attendance at every level of our operation, including participation, vocational training courses for senior students, and tour selection.

Did you know?



We employ and develop local coaches to train our young players. As well they bring senior student coaches up through the ranks.  Through employing local people, it improves the social and economic wellbeing of the community, and contributes to positive outcomes for individuals and families.


As an Indigenous child, living remotely often means poor nutrition. Their diet lacks the fuel and energy to, concentrate, perform and succeed. John Moriarty Football helps reverse this health disadvantage through a balanced, low GI food offering at training and games.

Youth Engagement

Research shows that engaging youth helps avert young people entering or continuing in the formal criminal justice system. Delivered at multiple times each day, John Moriarty Football has grown to be a positive and constant influence in the towns where we operate. Providing opportunity and stability to the lives of Indigenous children and their communities offers a better quality of life.

A Circuit Breaker

The sort of disadvantage young remote Indigenous people experience often snowballs out of control. Poor education usually means persisting unemployment and a low income. John Moriarty Football is a circuit breaker in this cycle, creating a new pathway for children to aspire to a different future.